The power of three—and it’s all thanks to you

April 25, 2019 Lindee David

Anyone who knows me well knows that I subscribe to the power of three. I can’t recall where I first learned this, but people generally remember things in sets of three and as such, my team knows that when it comes to ideas, bullets in presentations or images, you can pretty much expect I’m going with “three.”

Perhaps this affinity for the number three is why this, our third anniversary of Joule, is so special to me. These past three years have been challenging, rewarding and life-changing. In that time, we have launched an organization which continues to offer and improve the user experience for the products and services CMA members have come to trust—our clinical resources, our leadership courses and CMAJ. We have engaged numerous health system stakeholders on the matter of our rapidly changing health care system, empowering them with the value of digital care products and some of the amazing Canadian physicians behind those solutions. And, we have focused part of our efforts on physician-led innovation and driving the adoption of digital health solutions through initiatives like our Innovation grants. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve CMA members and to play a role in health care transformation. We value each and every opportunity to engage with each of you doing your part to build a better health care system. 

As we celebrate our third anniversary, I would like to leave you with one message: your feedback is essential to our growth―we know it can only make us better. It’s because of you that we’ve continued to evolve and improve our products and service delivery.

As we dive into year four, we have a lot of exciting things in store for you. We invite you to engage with us on new and more powerful editorial content, designed to assist you in navigating our rapidly changing health care system and the innovations coming our way. We hope you find it inspiring.


About the author

Lindee David

Lindee is the proud Chief Executive Officer of Joule. She is a strategic, innovative senior executive who has made a career of driving change within the health care system. Her vision is to create a movement of physician-led innovation that will result in health care improvements for physicians and their patients.

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