When you do the right thing, good things follow

December 12, 2018 Lindee David

In addition to the hustle and bustle associated with this time of year, I think many of us find ourselves reflecting on the year past. I am sure many are like me and wonder where the time went. And, if you’re lucky, you also realize how far you’ve come despite how slowly things may have seemed to be progressing while you were in the thick of things.

One of the words that keeps coming up for me these days is “relevance.” This is a term that describes being highly appropriate or connected, and it has meant a lot to my team this year.

As I have traveled and met with physicians, health care teams and administrators, we connect on the matters that are mutually relevant. More often than not, we find synergies in our desire for change, to transcend obstacles, and to adopt solutions that represent the art of the possible. The network we have built—on relevance—is turning into a sort of movement. And anyone who knows me—or Joule—knows, we are all about movement.

At Joule, we have approached relevance by being true to our values—authenticity, leadership and collaboration. If we believe anything, it’s that help is defined by those who are receiving it. Our value is in listening, in providing perspective, and in being able to be flexible and agile in the solutions we provide. If we have learned anything, it’s that when you do the right thing, good things follow. 

As we move into 2019 and take on new and exciting challenges, I would like to thank all of those who joined our network—our Innovation grant recipients, our physician innovators, our institutional associates, and our newest employees—for making the decision to be part of our movement. Your support and enthusiasm make the prospect of co-creating, co-developing and co-delivering a bright and innovative future in health care even more promising.

For anyone new to Joule I invite you to engage with us—you’ll have lots of opportunities to do so in 2019. We are committed to helping you navigate the health care system of the future and depend heavily on your wisdom, experience and perspectives. Please, join our movement.

About the author

Lindee David

Lindee is the proud Chief Executive Officer of Joule. She is a strategic, innovative senior executive who has made a career of driving change within the health care system. Her vision is to create a movement of physician-led innovation that will result in health care improvements for physicians and their patients.

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